Networks and Communities

Although we are one whole food science community, we have specialised groups within our organisation to make it easier for our members to network based on shared interests, proximity or career stage.

Special Interest Groups

Our Special Interest Groups bring together all the latest information and events on important topics within food science to a single one-stop-shop. 


We have seven branches across the UK for areas with a high volume of IFST members. Regions bring together members in close proximity to plan or attend events such as factory visits or conferences, run competitions and hold meetings. If you are an IFST member and want to have a greater role in a region, you can join a Committee.

Student Group

We have compiled all of the resources necessary to support the future generation of food scientists including interviews and career advice, competitions, bursaries, events, networking opportunities and more.

Volunteers' Advisory Group

Volunteers' Advisory Group aims to ensure that the voices of volunteers are heard, that volunteers have the tools and information they need and that the work they undertake aligns with IFST’s strategic priorities. The group also facilitates the sharing of good practice.

The Sustainability Steering Group has been created to support IFST in translating the issues, sharing updates on developments and provide outputs relating to sustainability. 

COVID-19 Advisory Group

The COVID-19 Advisory Group has been created to assess the impact of COVID-19 and propose the relevant resources to populate our COVID-19 Knowledge Hub with scientifically robust and practical guidance for individuals, and for food operations.