SSG Events team

CHAIR: Sarah Billson CSci, RSensSci, MIFST

Sensory Scientist, Mars Wrigley 

Sarah enjoys being a part of the SSG Events Team and bringing the latest developments in sensory and consumer science to the wider sensory community. The workshops and conferences are a fantastic way to build your sensory professional network, discuss ideas and drive the exciting world of sensory and consumer science forward.

Pam Beyts MIFST

Chairman of Sensory Dimensions (which she founded 30 years ago).

Pam has been an SSG member since it began and continues to enjoy exchanging knowledge and ideas with fellow members. As she is very well connected across the sensory network; Pam is instrumental in providing input into SSG conferences and workshops.

Dr Stella Lignou FIFST

Lecturer in Sensory and Consumer Science at the University of Reading

Stella joined IFST SSG in 2018 and she believes that this group offers a great opportunity to interact with other sensory professionals. She is keen to expand her network and collaborate on new and exciting projects on flavour, packaging and 3D food printing. She likes interdisciplinary work and eager to explore the role of new technologies in food product development.

Carol Raithatha CSci, RSensSci, FIFST

Research Consultant at Carol Raithatha Ltd.

For Carol being part of the SSG allows her to be at the forefront of what is happening in the sensory community. She finds it a great way to meet and keep in contact with other sensory professionals, be part of an established body, learn about new methods and techniques, and promote the discipline to the wider food science sector.

Tracey Sanderson CSci, RSensSci, FIFST

Managing Director at Sensory Dimensions

Tracey sees her membership of the SSG as a fantastic way of keeping up-to-date with trends and activities. She believes that the work of the SSG is essential to maintain the status of sensory and consumer science amongst the wider business community.

Dr Victoria Whelan MIFST

Sensory Scientist at British American Tobacco (BAT)

Vicky is the sensory expert sitting on BAT’s Human Research Committee which considers the ethics of sensory & consumer research. Her PhD at Nottingham University explored the sensory properties of chocolate in different matrices. Vicky joined the SSG to network, keep up-to-date and make the most of knowledge-sharing opportunities.