Membership Fees and Charges

Our Terms of Payment and information on subscription rates can be accessed here

IFST subscriptions are claimable as an allowable expense against UK income tax.

Membership subscription rates

Membership Type

Annual subscription
Associate - Student £22
Associate - First year after graduation £30
Associate - Second year after graduation £41
Associate - Third year after graduation £55
Associate £96
Member £134
Fellow £145

New applicants

Payment has to be provided together with the application to avoid any processing delays. If you are a new applicant for Fellow or Member, you will temporarily be admitted to Associate membership pending full evaluation of your application.

Join us

International Journal of Food Science & Technology (IJFST)

All members have free online access to IJFST. Please note that the printed version is only available to UK residents.

Direct Debit discount

There is a £6 discount for members who choose to renew their membership by Direct Debit. Please note that this is only available to members with a UK Bank Account and offered to members after the first year of membership. Emeritus, student and post graduate members are exempt from this offer. Please contact the membership team on 0207 603 6316 for more information.

Professional registration fees

These registration fees are applicable in addition to the relevant annual membership fees.

Register Initial registration Annual re-registration
Chartered Scientist (CSci) £59 £59
Registered Scientist (RSci) £21 £21
Registered Science Technician (RSciTech) £15 £15
Registered Food Safety Principal £101 £66
Registered Food Safety Manager £37 £37
Registered Food Safety Practitioner £37 £37
Registered Food Auditor/Mentor plus Registered Food Safety Manager £101 £68
Registered Sensory Scientist £59 £59
Registered Sensory Scientist plus Chartered Scientist £59 £59

Payment methods

Please make cheques (in £ Sterling drawn on a UK bank) payable to: Institute of Food Science & Technology. You may also pay by Visa, Mastercard, Switch or Solo.

VAT registration no: 774 1082 32. Membership subscriptions and registration fees are exempt from VAT.

Other charges

Overhead recovery and IFST employee time is charged at £500 per day.