SC21 (Spring Conference) Box Set

Much of the world of food science and technology is ultimately focused on how we can produce food in smarter ways. How we can deliver solutions more efficiently; more intelligently; more sustainably; healthier; with less risk?

IFST’s Spring Conference, SC21, provided an opportunity for all to be informed and inspired by case studies showcasing smart science and smart technologies from across a wide range of disciplines. 

Brought to you by IFST, you know that you can rely on our usual programme of highly relevant and professional speakers. SC21 will provide plenty of opportunities to add to your Continuing Professional Development but, most importantly, it will also provide you with practical presentations on topics that you can learn from and apply in your own work. 

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This includes webinars on:

  • Smart Packaging
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Smart CPD
  • Smart Food Science & Nutrition
  • Smart Food Safety
  • Smart Food Regulatory 
  • Smart Innovation
  • Smart Futures
Sneak preview:
Smart futures with Blockchain: Showcasing the Digital Sandwich