IFST Policy

Latest publication(s)

Sustainable Food System

In 2024, we published an update to our report on Sustainable Food Systems, which provides a framework for future activities and partnerships. 
Thought leadership


Food Safety Governance Guidance for Directors

Our new Best Practise Food Safety Governance Guide for Directors (2022) includes essential insights from our members, providing information, toolkits and signposting to useful documents and resources to enable directors to fulfil their obligations.

National Food Strategy

In 2021, we published IFST’s vision for an inclusive UK-wide Food Strategy, highlighting our key imperatives and reiterating our commitment to support Government, industry, academia, citizens and IFST members in achieving this vision

Horizon Scanning Report 2021

We have published the Horizon Scanning Report 2021 which includes essential insights from its members, for the future of the food sector.


EU Exit

We have set out our challenges for EU Exit on maintaining access to skills, research funding and collaboration to ensure a competitive and innovative food system.