Why join an IFST Group Scheme - Member Testimonials

"Joining an IFST group membership scheme is highly beneficial for an organisation’s reputation and for staff development. For Sensory Dimensions, participation in the events of the IFST Sensory Science Special Interest Group as well as the wider IFST activities, allows our staff to form their own professional networks, learn from their peers, attain professional recognition and feel more confident in their roles."

Tracey Sanderson, MD Sensory Dimensions

“Joining an IFST group membership scheme is a great way for an organisation to demonstrate commitment to continuous professional development of its employees. Active engagement in IFST activities gives staff the opportunity to network and engage with peers from other sectors of the food industry and to contribute to their professional body’s agenda.”

Purity Hrisca CSci MIFST, Technical Manager, Sainsbury's Supermarkets

"Personal and business networking is a very important skill to acquire and an integral part of staff development. An IFST group membership scheme and IFST platform help staff increase their awareness of the news and trends in the areas of food safety as well as research and development. It is a professional networking platform to engage with other professionals, join groups, post blogs, and share information. The scheme provides you with a sense of contributing to something meaningful from a professional angle. Business owners can use it to develop relationships with people and companies they may do business with in the future."

Katarzyna Niedzwiedzka, PhD, MChem, RSCi CChem MRSC, MIFST, Development Chemist - Eurofins

"Joining an IFST group membership scheme has been really useful for our technical teams.  The external professional recognition gives them a higher profile internally and enables them to be more confident.  In addition, it gives them some clear development pathways which help with their personal development for the long term.  The events and activities give them the opportunity to network with the wider technical community and exchange ideas."

Anita Kinsey CSci FIFST, Senior Technical & Safety Manager, Pret a Manger                        

"In 2018, IFST and Food Standards Scotland (FSS) started a close collaboration and, since then, signed up all FSS Meat Hygiene Inspectors as IFST members. FSS acknowledge IFST to be the leading professional body for those involved in all aspects of food science, safety and technology and wanted to have their independent professional recognition and assurance that staff have the required expertise and skills.

FSS Meat Inspectors play a crucial role in ensuring food safety and their professional recognition is vital in demonstrating to peers, managers, stakeholders, including consumers, that they have the required level of competence for the work they perform and are committed to complying with IFST’s Code of Professional Conduct. Furthermore, members now have a platform to access and track CPD and numerous opportunities to attend events on topics of interest."

 Elena Gafenco MRCVS RFoodSPrac, Head of Meat Operations, Food Standards Scotland