Feeding Our Future | IFST membership offer

What is 'feeding our future'? 

IFST is looking to grow and feed the future of the food profession. If you have been working in a technical role in the food sector at a senior level for over 10 years you are invited to join IFST and "pay it forward". Your membership fee will fund an early career professional with less than 10 years of experience to join us free of charge for the first year.

Benefits of getting involved   

As well as becoming an IFST member yourself, feeding our future is a great chance to give something back. Do you have a colleague that you feel deserves recognition? The scheme enables you to provide an early career professional with the benefits that IFST membership offers, including access to our knowledge resources and events, our food science community, professional development, and recognition.

What is the application process?
  1. Fill in an application form to join IFST as an Associate, Member or Fellow. Details are available at: www.ifst.org/membership
  2. Email 'joinus@ifst.org' with the name and contact details of who you would like to nominate and why. Please use the subject line 'Feeding our future'
  3. Your nomination will receive a discount code for a year's free membership. Details of you and your nominee will be featured on this web page, below

For more information or if you have any questions please email joinus@ifst.org with the subject heading 'Feeding our future'.

Read and share our leaflet with your nominee

Participants Hall of Fame

Once you nominate someone to become a member of IFST we will post your name and photo to this webpage, should you wish to be featured. 


Jane Doe

Jane is a senior food scientist working for a company in the food sector. She has over 10 years of experience in food safety and regulation.  

John Doe

John is a food scientist working for a company in the food sector. He has a bachelor's degree in Food Science from XYZ University and a Masters's degree in Food Law. John was nominated by Jane for his outstanding work on their technical team...



Terms and conditions 

IFST demonstrates its commitment to growing the technical food profession by investing in our ‘Feeding our Future’ campaign during 2021-22. For each new nominated senior IFST member who joins us (the first 150 to apply), IFST will fund joining and membership fees for another individual nominated by the new joiner, as long as they meet our Associate member criteria. IFST will approach key individuals who are not existing members and invite them to join and nominate. Individuals are also able to nominate themselves and must have been working in the food profession in a senior role for at least 10 years. We encourage all new members to share their achievements on social media in line with our member social media guidelines.

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