2018 UK Competition

The 2018 UK Ecotrophelia Competition was held at Campden BRI on June 5 2018. Five student teams presented to a panel of ten dragons made up of key figures from the UK food and drink industry and includes industrial, governmental, professional and media representatives. The teams had to impress the dragons with their innovation, their eco-credentials and their marketing and business strategies. All five products were innovative, inspired and delicious but there could only be one winner.

Gold - University of Nottingham

Product: Pom Puffs - Spicy BBQ flavoured apple pomace and corn puffs

The team from the University of Nottingham took home the Gold Prize and £2,000 for their Pom Puffs, an extruded snack product made using real apple and pomace, a by-product of cider manufacture. Pom Puffs are naturally high in fibre and low in salt whilst still being tasty and delicious, as well as only 90 kcal per 20g bag. The R.I.C.H Pickings team (standing for reuse, innovate, community, honesty) want to turn the snack market green with their 100% recyclable pouch style packaging. 

Silver - London Metropolitan University

Product: FabaMallow - Luxury, vegan and eco-friendly marshmallow made from aquafaba

London Metropolitan Unviersity claimed the Silver Prize and £1,000 for their luxury, vegan marshmallow treats. FabaMallow is made in a traditional way with not so traditional ingredients. Made with aquafaba and apple puree, the product makes use of both food waste and food by-products and is vegan, gluten-free and nut free. They use an apple puree syrup mixed into fluffy aquafaba to create a marshmallow that is light and flavourful, interspersed with chunks of apple chips for texture and finished with a coat of dark chocolate.

Bronze - University of West London

Product: Fava Bomb - Falafel-style savoury balls with a soft dip centre and a crunchy fava bean crust

The University of West London secured the bronze prize and £500 for their vegan on-the-go snack. Fava Bombs are the perfect snack for the health-concious, time-poor consumer - naturally low in sugar, salt and saturates and high in fibre these bombs pack a nutritious taste explosion and are entirely vegan and gluten-free.  

“Putting together a technical dossier was an incredible process... presenting to and getting really insightful feedback from the dragons was amazing.” - Dimple Divecha, Team Manager of FabaMallow

Other Finalists

University of Reading 

Product: Oat-Yog - Vegan, oat-based vanilla yoghurt alternative with a "supergrain" cluster topping

Oat-Yog is the first exclusively oat-based yoghurt alternative and the only vegan on-the-go yoghurt-cluster style product. Oat-Yog is made up of a fermented oat base with an oaty 'supergrain' cluster topping containing oats, puffed quinoa, puffed sorghum wheat, cacao nibs, dried cherries and almond all bound together with brown rice syrup. Leftover oats from the yoghurt production are included in the cluster topping meaning less waste and the packaging is 100% recyclable. 

Cardiff Metropolitan University

Product: Vegan pizza with a seaweed base

Made with a dulse seaweed base and gluten free flour and topped with roasted vegetables and vegan cheese, this delicious and nutritious pizza is vegan, gluten-free and complies with EU allergen regulations. The product is low in fat and salt, high in vitamin C and two of your five-a-day. Their packaging is also made from 100% recycled cardboard.

“Ecotrophelia has been a very positive experience for the team. We applied what we’ve learned in our studies, demonstrated our knowledge to the dragons and received great feedback as a result!” - Lisa Williamson, Team Manager of Pom Puffs

What's Next

The European Ecotrophelia competition will be held at SIAL in Paris on October 20-21. Good luck to the team from University of Nottingham!

Read more: https://www.foodmanufacture.co.uk/Article/2018/05/23/Meat-free-dominates-at-student-innovation-competition