1. What is the Entrepreneurship training "Inspire 4 ECOTROPHELIA"

EIT FOOD training, named Inspire 4 Ecotrophelia, is a pilot programme that has been developed in conjunction with ECOTROPHELIA to enable students to advance an innovative business proposition in preparation for the pitch events. In addition, the skills students develop will be valuable to their future career.

The programme focuses on entrepreneurship elements and follows a logic with approximately 12 hours of asynchronous content on Canvas, the EIT Food learning platform. At the end of the programme is an easy to complete short assignment, that allows the students to crystallise their business proposal - they will receive feedback and also the EIT Food Inspire for Ecotrophelia Certificate.

All of the content has been designed and developed by experts in entrepreneurship from leading universities including the University of Cambridge, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and Aarhus University, as well as industry experts. Included in the programme are modules on: team building and sustaining momentum, sustainability and stakeholder value (eco-innovation), segmenting your market, negotiation (buying and selling), finance, IP, scaling a venture, PESTEL and SWOT analysis, and the marketing mix.

2. Key dates of training

We have decided in the UK to implement this on a voluntary basis this year. This means that the students do not have to complete this training to enter the competition. However, if they would like feedback on their product based on this training, they will need to complete the training by 18/03/2024. However, if teams are successful with the shortlisting of their products in this year’s competition, the training will become compulsory to enter the final.
Opening of the training: 17/01/2024
Submission of voluntary mini-assessment: 18/03/2024
Submission of compulsory mini-assessment: 06/05/2024


3. How to sign-up & connect

All students will need to sign-up to the course. Each national competition has its own link.  For your national competition, the following link is to be used:
After leaving participant details, the student will reach the payment & confirmation section.  There is NO payment requested, and students can confirm their registrations.

Following registrations, each participant will receive an email confirmation and can login into the learning platform:

4. Who to contact in case of issues

For all technical questions:

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