How to enter Ecotrophelia UK

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There is no limit on the number of teams which can be entered from each university, provided all the team members are registered to study at a UK university (not PhD students) and are 35 and under on the day of the competition.  Teams may also be made up of students from several different universities, such as a group of friends or students on placement together.

Competition timeline

28 March 2018 Application deadline, including full technical dossier
April 2018 Shortlisted teams announced
5 June 2018 Ecotrophelia UK competition
TBA Ecotrophelia EU final

Criteria for your food product

Your product must meet the following criteria:

  • be fit for human consumption and aimed at consumers;
  • be marketable in retail distribution or the restaurant and hotel sectors;
  • be innovative in one or more aspects compared to food products already on the market. This innovation can come from the concept, and/or technology, and/or recipe, and/or packaging etc;
  • take on board eco-innovation, which could mean the basic ingredients (eg origin, organic or with low carbon footprint) and/or packaging (eg recyclable) and/or manufacturing process (eg energy saving, water recycling) and/or distribution-logistics (eg new channels or direct consumer sales), making it easier for all businesses in the food production chain to integrate the environmental dimension;
  • stand out for its taste, nutritional or other qualities;
  • be capable being  manufactured on an industrial scale, based on technical specifications (including ingredients, manufacturing process, cost price, business investment);
  • conform to relevant regulations (including processing, additives and ingredients, packaging, labelling, advertising standards, food safety etc);
  • be commercially relevant (eg suitable for a local and/or national and/or European market and meeting a demand, marketing plan, packaging, logistics);
  • show an overall coherence across all the criteria set out above.

Format and content of your technical dossier

Your product must be presented using an explanatory dossier limited to 15 A4 pages, in PDF format and written in English.  Up to 10 pages of appendices may also be submitted. This explanatory dossier must contain the following information:

  • a description of the food product: exact name, precise category (for example: savoury starters, desserts, ready-made meals, alcoholic drinks etc.…), general description, composition, the product's taste and nutritional qualities, technical specifications, manufacturing process, packaging, shelf life;
  • description of the product's innovation and eco-innovative aspects;
  • a summary of the marketing, sales and business plan.

Submit your entry form, letter of commitment and technical dossier by email before 28 March 2018.

More information

Shortlisted teams will present their products to the dragons will be held at Campden BRI in June 2018 and the winners will be announced on the following day at Campden BRI Day.