2019 Competition

The 2019 UK Ecotrophelia Competition was held at Campden BRI on 10 June 2019. Five student teams presented to a panel of ten dragons made up of key figures from the UK food and drink industry and includes industrial, governmental, professional and media representatives. The teams had to impress the dragons with their innovation, their eco-credentials and their marketing and business strategies. All five products were innovative, inspired and delicious but there could only be one winner.

Gold - University of Reading 

Product: Venergy - Vegan energy sweets for endurance athletes

The team from University of Reading took home the Gold Prize and £2,000 for their lemon and lime energy sweets providing endurance athletes with a vegan sustainable alternative to energy products, by tackling issues with ingredient and packaging sustainability. As one sachet contains 4 x 5g sweets (20g total), this would provide energy for half an hour of exercise during an endurance training session.

Silver - Nottingham Trent University

Product: Caruffle - A truffle made from carob and hazelnut, with a mixed fruit jelly centre and rolled in popped and ground quinoa 

Nottingham Trent University claimed the Silver Prize and £1,000 for their truffle made from carob and hazelnut. A richly flavoured truffle with nutty tones gives a luxury feel. The mixed fruit berry centre has a tangy, sweet taste which balances the richness of the carob. The quinoa coating adds a crunchy texture and adds a slightly bitter tone.

Bronze - University of Reading

Product: Keesh - A vegan, gluten-free and reduced fat quiche-like product made of a sweet potato base packed with roasted vegetables in a chickpea flour filling 

The second team from University of Reading secured the bronze prize and £500 for their vegan, gluten-free quiche-like product. It is reduced fat, a source of fibre and 2 of your 5-a-day. This ‘Roasted Med veg’ flavour variant consists of a sweet potato base filled with roasted broccoli, red pepper, sun-dried tomato, red onion and leek, in a chickpea flour filling.

Other Finalists

University of Reading 

Product: Favalicious - An orange (pepper and tomato), pink (beetroot) and green (spinach and herb) ‘hummus style’ fava bean dip

Favalicious is a vegan, children’s snack product comprised of 3 brightly coloured “hummus style” fava bean dips and a beetroot and tomato breadstick. The dips are flavoured with pepper and tomato (orange), beetroot (pink) and spinach and herb (green) and use a fava bean base. Favalicious discreetly hides vegetables & legumes into the diets of children age 4-8, giving a taste by colour. 

University of Nottigham 

Product: Cubiies - Vegan, tooth friendly gummy sweets primarily made from vegetables aimed at 5–12 year olds

Cubiies are vegan, tooth friendly gummy sweets primarily made from vegetables aimed at 5–12 year olds. They are made of pureed by product produce, polyols, modified starch and natural flavourings.

What's Next

The European Ecotrophelia competition will be held during ANUGA in Cologne, Germany on 6 and 7 October 2019. Good luck to the Venergy team from University of Reading!

Read more: https://www.foodmanufacture.co.uk/Article/2019/06/13/Team-behind-vegan-energy-sweet-wins-innovation-contest