POST Fellowship

Prize details 

The purpose of this Fellowship is to enable PhD students to spend a three-month period in the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology at the Houses of Parliament, Westminster, working on science-based project(s). This will provide a tremendous opportunity for the holder to gain experience in science writing and an insight into how Parliament functions.

The POST Fellowship will be an extension to your PhD studies and IFST will provide funding of £5,000 towards your maintenance and accommodation costs.

The three month Fellowship will need to be taken up between September 2018 and May 2019. This is to be agreed between the applicant, POST, the applicant's supervisor and university, and IFST.

Who can apply

Any student in the second or third year of their PhD studies, undertaking research studies related to food science and technology at a UK university. Students who are writing up their theses but have not yet graduated are also eligible to apply. Membership of IFST is preferable but not essential.

The Fellowship

During the Fellowship, the successful applicant will assist POST in providing timely and objective briefing material for MPs and Peers on a scientific subject in the form of one of POST’s well-known POSTnotes, or possibly provide assistance to a parliamentary committee in the Commons or Lords. The topic of any POSTnote will be decided by the Parliamentary Board of POST, taking into account the relevance and timeliness of the topic to Parliament and after liaison between the Fellow, POST and IFST, taking into account the research interests of the Fellow. The successful Fellow will attend regularly at the Houses of Parliament, as this is vital to the Fellowship to enable sufficient interaction with parliamentary processes.

The Fellow will also be required to provide a report to IFST and articles about his or her experience working in Parliament, which will be featured in IFST publications and our social networking sites.

Entry for 2018 has now closed.

Previous POST Fellows

Each year, the current POST Fellow creates a POSTnote on a food-related subject.

2017-18 - Caroline Wood, University of Sheffield, TBC

2016-17 - Ruth Barnes, University of Reading, UK Food Supply

2015-16 - Sarah Smith, University of Reading, Intellectual Property and Plants

2014-15 - Daniel McDowell, Queen's University Belfast, Sugar and Health

2012-13 - Daniel Amund, London Metropolitan University, Livestock Vaccines

2011-12 - Anne Richmond, Queen's University, Belfast, Livestock Super Farms

2010-11 - Joanne Edgar, Bristol University, Animal Health & Biosecurity - Livestock Diseases

2008-09 - Nancy Acosta, Birmingham University, Food Hygiene Standards