Jubilee 60

Welcome to Jubilee 60: Celebrating Six Decades of Excellence in Food Science and Technology

This webpage proudly marks 60 years since the inception of the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST); we invite you to join us in a year-long celebration of innovation, knowledge, and community.

Here you will find all the details for our celebrations of this unique landmark in the lifetime of IFST. The Institute was founded in 1964 - read the quote below from the first article of the first edition of the International Journal of Food Science and Technology in 1968, which tells the story of how IFST came into existence: 

"It was during the early part of 1961 that a group of former students of the National College of Food Technology at Weybridge in Surrey asked the Principal to discuss with them the possibility of forming an organisation to establish and safeguard the professional status of the new food technologists being trained at the College. The Principal gave encouragement to the idea and decided to call an open meeting of all interested persons so that opinions for and against had been expressed. This meeting was held at the National College on 15 February 1962 and the proposal that the Institute of Food Technology should be established by J. E. Morrison, a postgraduate student of the College, on behalf of himself and his colleagues. The possibility of forming a similar organisation had been discussed in the 1930s but no further steps had been taken to inaugurate one when the outbreak of the 1939 war halted further progress."

Early History of the Institute of Food Science and Technology, J. D. Mounfield, President of IFST, Journal of Food Technology, Vol. 1, 1968.

Jubilee 60 Highlights

This special section is dedicated to the heart of our commemorative festivities – the "Jubilee 60 Events." This exclusive program is designed to bring together our vibrant community of food scientists, food technologists, researchers, industry professionals, and enthusiasts in a year-long celebration. On this area of the page, we post highlights from events which are part of our year-long celebration. Click below for details!

Upcoming Jubilee Events
6 July: IFST Scotland Branch - The Future of Food
14-15 October: IFST Autumn Conference 2024 (AC24)

Celebrating Jubilee 60

During the second half of 2023, the IFST Executive team worked alongside IFST committees and volunteers to decide the most appropriate way to commemorate this landmark. The team coalesced around two key themes for the Jubilee:

  1. How has food science and technology changed our lives in the last 60 years?
  2. Driving young people into rewarding and inspiring careers in the food sector.

The first theme has been chosen to reflect the longstanding contribution of food science and technology to life in the UK. The campaigns and events organised around this theme will emphasise the importance of IFST’s mission to promote the general advancement and application of food science and technology for the benefit, safety, and health of the public.

The second theme has been chosen because engaging young people in rewarding careers within the food sector is vital for fostering innovation, sustainability, and meeting global food demands. Involving youth ensures a fresh perspective, driving creativity and the development of novel solutions to address the challenges facing the food system. Additionally, attracting young talent contributes to a knowledge transfer from experienced professionals to the next generation. By investing in youth, the food sector can cultivate a skilled workforce, promote economic growth, and build a resilient foundation for the future of food production and distribution.

Throughout 2024, we will be populating this page with further stories, events, resources, and opportunities to mark the celebration of Jubilee 60. We invite each of you to be an integral part of this milestone celebration. Your experiences, contributions, and passion have shaped IFST into the influential force it is today.

Email us at info@ifst.org or share your memories, insights, and wishes on social media using #IFSTJubilee60. Let's amplify our collective voice, relive cherished moments, and envision an even brighter future for food science and technology.