IFST South East Branch

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The South East Branch organises a number of technical visits and holds meetings/joint meetings that allow topical discussion throughout the year.

Message from the Chair

This year we have our usual mix of factory visits, scientific meetings on topical subjects and the odd social event but we are focusing on trying to involve more of the students in educational establishments in the south east. We are planning to hold a series of special events at time when our members are likely to be free.


MEET THE South East Branch committee

Main Committee

Chair: Jarka Hinksman

Vice Chair: Amalia Tsiami

Secretary: Mark Woolfe

Treasurer: Richard Benson

Website Coordinator: Cristina Gutierrez-Solano

Other members:  Abdi Ghavami, Alex Kent, Alison Cousins, Anna Monaghan, Awa Matashi, Barry Cronin, Dacil Lugo, Daniel Clarke, David Boniface, David Gregory, David Rosie, Dawn Hardy, Delia Ojinnaka, Debbie Wilson, Devon Petrie, Edmondo Gallucci, Fern Lough, Gillian Edwards, Hannah Dougherty, Hayley Stewart , James Howard, Jean Feord Marshall, John Bassett, Jonh Points, Jonathan Brown, Julie Worthingthon, Ken Spears, Kiu Sum, Libby Good, Linda Calite, Manuela Sulman, Naimeeta Baichoo, Owen Evans, Peter Hull, Peter Wareing, Purity Hrisca, Richard Marshall, Richard Ratcliffe, Sarah Howarth, Simon Chattock, Sue Bailey, Sue Dix, Sue Howlett and Vic Chiang.

About the Committee

The South East Branch Comittee is one of the largest regional committees.  We tend to host most of our meetings in the London region.  We meet on a regular basis to discuss the future programme for members in the region.

Past Reports

Annual Branch Overview of Activities 2015 - 2016 (by Jarka Hinksman)


Upcoming Events in the Region

Up Coming Events for your Diary

Future events will be added soon...

All other News and Events

Check out other IFST events.

Welcoming new members and how to get involved

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to you on becoming a member of the IFST. You should by now have been registered to the South East region of England and as such we would like to introduce you, in particular, to the South East branch of IFST whose activities are led by our immensely dedicated and pro-active volunteer steering committee.

The collective knowledge, professional expertise and enthusiasm of our committee members, ranging from talented students to retired food scientists with a long, distinguished career in the food industry, is unparalleled. We thrive on enhancing our members’ knowledge and assisting them with continuing professional development through organising technical excursions, networking events and lectures on topical industry subjects.

Over the years we have developed strong links, both home and abroad, with a number of organisations with whom we share professional interests. We also work extensively with educational establishments in our region to promote food sciences and the work of the IFST amongst students.

Please visit our branch's pages. There, on log in, you can view reports and pictures from our past activities and the listing of our forthcoming events.

If you would like to get involved in our committee (and should you choose to you will very quickly see what a welcoming, fun and foodie team we are) do get in touch on seifstbranch@gmail.com. We look forward to seeing you soon.