Preparing for your career in food

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Our members have been kind enough to provide helpful information based on their experiences to help you prepare for your career in food.

Dominic's top tips for impressing recruiters

Dominic Darby, Head of Sales and Business Development for The Culinary Food Group and the 2013 Lead 360 winner, provides some advice to help you get noticed.

Preparing for an Interview

One of our Fellows with over 40 years experience working in food gives tips on preparing for an interview, what to do in an interview, and what to do after an interview.

Preparing oral and poster presentations

Are you going to give an oral or poster presentation at an event or conference? One of our members, a former PhD student, created a guide on what to include in your presentations, along with advice to help you suceed.

Tailor your applications to match the role

Use the Competencies for Food Graduate Careers to find out more about what an employer wants for a specific food industry role and develop your evidence for applications and interviews.