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Our University Representatives are the eyes and ears of our student group and provide a valuable service in promoting IFST events and membership to their peers. They liaise with University contacts, promote IFST events, promote membership and work with our student group and local branch networks.

Listed below are all of our appointed University Representatives for the 2019-20 academic year.

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Adam Smith
University of Bedfordshire

I am currently studying at the University of Bedfordshire for a BSc (Hons) Health, Nutrition and Exercise (ANutr). My initial contact with IFST was through attending a seminar conference, which discussed the government sugar reduction policies and the alternatives for the food industry. This is an area of interest due to my work in Public Health working towards my registration as an associate nutritionist. 

Some areas of interest I have are, traffic light labeling policies, differing agricultural methods and how they impact on nutrient density, bio availability and micronutrient diversity, also how food science can be used as a tool for improving population health, specifically mental health and micronutrient status together with sport performance nutrition.

Claire Ho
University of Surrey

I’m currently in my final year at the University of Surrey and currently doing a BSc degree in Nutrition & Food Science.  

I have been interested in food & nutrition since I realised the importance of food when it comes to creating and maintaining wellbeing. Such practical sciences are tightly connected to our daily life, so I have always been fascinated by them.

I find a range of topics intriguing, including food product development, food safety, food sustainability, gut microbiome, energy & lipid metabolism, so I always look for opportunities to learn and to understand which areas I would like to specialise in. Hence, my dissertation project is based on energy & lipid metabolism and aims to investigate the acute effect of varying calorie content of low-carbohydrate diets on human health.

IFST provides lots of learning resources and I hope that I can encourage more Surrey students to connect with IFST and make use of provided materials to foster learning and career development.

Gabriella Lau
University of Surrey

I am from Hong Kong. I have just finished my professional training year at PepsiCo in Reading and am now in my final year studying Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Surrey. 

Asides from nutrition and food science, I am interested in traveling and sketching and am passionate about innovative, sustainable product development.

In the past I have learnt and benefited from IFST events and am keen to increase student participation, involvement and engagement with IFST. 

Therefore, as a student ambassador, I would like to help organise IFST events at the University of Surrey and help create networking opportunities for students to engage with industry professionals.

Kelly Hart
Robert Gordon University

I am studying food, nutrition and human health at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen and I am currently in 2nd year. The reason I became interested in food science was the fact that I had an excellent health and food technology teacher. I was not previously aware of the kind of courses or careers you could do in the food sector. I honestly hadn’t been aware that food science could lead to a wide variety of jobs outbounds from manufacturing e.g. Research.

I like going hiking, rocking climbing, walking my dogs in the Pentland hills and doing a bit of drawing here and there.

The responsibilities I would like to take on are encouraging more student to take up food related degrees, be more aware of the kind of career paths available and improve accessibility of food nutrition to the general public and in schools.

Kiu Sum
University of Westminster

Kiu is currently a Doctoral Researcher at University of Westminster. As a Registered Associate Nutritionist with Association for Nutrition, her research interests revolve around public health nutrition, nutritional behaviour and use of mobile technology, with her current focus on health and wellbeing of doctors (in a nutshell). Aside from Kiu’s academic career, she is very passionate about student engagement namely on partnerships and collaborative pedagogy research in higher education. Having previously been a President at the student-led Westminster Nutrition Society at university, Kiu is keen to continue to support the work in promoting IFST student activities and raising awareness of the broader opportunities there are in nutrition, food science and related-areas via outreach activities. Currently, Kiu is also the Chair of the Student Section at The Nutrition Society and also sits on IFST’s South East Branch Committee.

Naomi Kang
Newcastle University

I am a current PhD student in Food Science and Consumer behaviour at Newcastle University, my project is looking at consumer perception of beef quality. Ever since I finished my master degree in Food Production Management at University of Nottingham, I particularly interested in rapidly changing food trends and how the new food products are designed accordingly. Outside of my research, I enjoy running small ‘experiments’ in my own kitchen, using different ingredients to create exciting new flavours. I hope as a representative, I could share my experience, bring more food related learning and networking opportunities to others students.

Niamh McCarron
Ulster University

I am a final year BSc Food and Nutrition student at Ulster University, Coleraine. During university, I was very fortunate to create and lead a nutrition outreach scheme in my second year, allowing me to go out to local primary schools and provide age appropriate advice and knowledge on the Eatwell guide and where food comes from. I recently gained valuable experience in the food industry as an Incoming Quality Assurance Intern with Abbott Nutrition. These experiences coupled with my volunteer work encouraged me to become a Student Representative for IFST. I hope to inspire other students to take advantage of all the opportunities IFST have to offer.  Aside from my studies I enjoy walks on the beach, music, badminton and have recently developed a new hobby of surfing!

Sophie Gale
Sheffield Hallam University

I am currently in my final year of study of BSc Food and Nutrition at Sheffield Hallam. I’ve been really interested in food production since a young age, growing up in southern Lincolnshire, one of the biggest areas in the UK for food manufacture. I’m a food technologist at heart and have a vested interest in hygiene and food safety. I have recently completed my industrial placement with Bakkavor and am looking forward to sharing my experiences and getting across the importance of doing a placement year to other students. I’m really keen to get more students involved in the IFST and hope to get involved in lots of new exciting activities!

Jay P. Matic
London South Bank University

I am a third year Baking Technology Management student at the National Bakery School in London South Bank University, which is known to be the oldest bakery school in the world.  Currently, I am working on my dissertation that will benefit  the bakery and manufacturing industry. I also hold a bachelor’s degree in Food Technology major in meat and poultry from Polytechnic University of the Philippines before I moved in the UK. My first qualification has led me to my first job  in Manila as a research and new product development staff.

At present, I am a student representative for the Alliance for Bakery Student Trainees (ABST) helping other bakery students in NBS to bring out their best skills and talent in baking and confectionary for the annual ABST conference competition where the judges are from the bakery industry. I am interested in the science behind good foods. Visiting traditional bakeries and sampling their unique products fascinates me.

Beccy LePore
All student Reps report to our Education and Careers Coordinator