IFST 50th Jubilee celebrations continue - 6 years later!

We would like to give a special thank you to our Fellow Helen Sharman for sending in this photo of her IFST sunflowers.  Helen planted the sunflower seeds this summer with her daughters. The seeds date back to our 50th Jubilee celebrations in 2014!

"I have been a member of IFST since 1989 when I joined as a student in my first year at Oxford Brookes University studying Nutrition and Food Science.

Many years later I am still working in the food industry having experienced many diverse roles and IFST has been a constant source of useful information and a fantastic networking facility. I have enjoyed attending seminars both face to face and online, Annual Conferences, teaching Food Technology in schools and visiting the IFST stand at exhibitions. IFST keeps me in touch with the wider food industry; it is too easy to operate within our own work bubbles and now more than ever we need to connect and collaborate with one another.

Thank you IFST team and keep up the great work!"

IFST members: have you planted your sunflower seeds? Send us photos to fst-online@ifst.org!