Winner of IFST Science Communications Competition announced

Congratulations to Cathrine Baungaard from Liverpool John Moores University, who has won our first ever Science Communications Competition with her article on “Quin-What? Cultivating Exotic Protein-Rich Crops in Europe”.

She says “I am extremely humbled to have won this Science Communication Competition. Taking part in this competition has given me the opportunity to write about a topic that I am very passionate about, whilst challenging me to think outside of the box when it comes to science communication writing. It has also given me more confidence in my own ability to write and has definitely encouraged me to move forward and progress even further with my science communication skills.

The IFST Science Communication Competition is a great platform for students interested in both challenging themselves and advocating for the topics that they are passionate about. I would highly recommend this competition because no matter where you find yourself, science communication is a useful skill to have and high in demand!”

Cathrine’s article will be published in December’s issue of Food Science & Technology magazine.