Congratulations to the winners of our Early-Career Food Safety Specialists Bursary!

Thank you to everyone who entered, we received many applications from food safety professionals based around the world.

Each entrant told us about their achievements and contributions in the area of food safety especially over the last year when the public has been even more reliant on safe food to maintain their health, as part of their home-based COVID-19 situation. 

In addition, they explained the positive impact that they provided in their workplace by defining the problem, how it was identified, what their role was in developing a solution or improvement to a situation and what the outcome was for them, their business and their customers.

The winners of this competition have been awarded a year’s complimentary Associate Membership with IFST and a place at our Spring Conference (SC21) which takes place online from 26 April - 7 May. In addition, they will be invited to a presentation and careers mentoring session with the Food Safety Leaders of Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). 

The winners are:

Adelaide Barwood, Specification & Allergen Management Technologist at Selfridges, UK
Ariba Shabbir, Food Quality Manager at Margalla Grande Marquees, Pakistan
Catherine Odhiambo, Quality Assurance Officer at Vemrick Enterprises, Kenya
Innocent Syampande, Ex Quality Assurance officer at Himoonga Dairy Products Limited, Zambia
Jayadev Varma, Quality Control Executive at Elite Food Private Limited, India
Nikolina Vukelic, Food Safety Assistant at Nestle Adriatic, S Serbia
Nouman Tariq,  Ex Quality Control Engineer (Dairy) at Shakarganj Food Products Limited, Pakistan
Qian Hua Tan, Graduate Technologist (Sauces), World Wise Foods, UK
Ronald Ngetich, Quality Analyst at Intertek Lab, Kenya
Sonali Gaikwad, PhD R&D Food Safety, Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai, India
Susanna Aiyedun, PhD Student, University of Lincoln, UK
Winnie Chumbaa, Trufoods, Kenya
Zacharoula Theodorakopoulou, Food Safety Data Curator at Agraknow, Greece