Dr Veronica Giacintucci appointed as new Editor of Food Science and Technology

We are delighted to announce Dr Veronica Giacintucci has been appointed as the new Editor of our Food Science and Technology magazine.

Veronica is a Lecturer in Food Science at the University of Surrey and a member of IFST. She has obtained a PhD in Food Science from the University of Teramo (Italy) in 2016 and has worked with research groups based in Italy (Teramo), Spain (Valencia) and Canada (Guelph). She has been working within the field of New Product Development first studying  fats and oils in colloidal systems (emulsions and oleogels).

Following her postdoc at the University of Reading (2016-2018), her interests now focus on the study of functional and physical properties of ingredients (fats and sugars in particular) and their impact on structure and sensory properties. She is also studying the role of alternatives to meat-based proteins on food physical and sensory properties, as well as their nutritional impact. 

Veronica has a passion for Food Science and science communication and is the host of The Food Science Addict Podcast.