EFSA releases statement on the safety of Chlorpyrifos pesticide

In a statement released by EFSA, the pesticide chlorpyrifos does not meet the critieria required by legislation for the renewal of its approval in the European Union (EU). 

EFSA has identified concerns about possible, genotoxic effects as well as neurological effects studying development supported by epidemiological data indicating effects in children. These findings mean that no safe exposure level — or a toxicological reference value — can be set for chlorpyrifos. 

There are less than 5 months remaining in the approval period for clorpyrifos, which is scheduled to expire in January 2020.  The manufacturer's application for renewal is still being evaluated under the EU's peer review system from the approval of pesiticides, but the European Commision requested that EFSA release this statement on chlorpyrifos on the results of the human health assessment.