FSA publishes consumer views on genome edited food

Did you know? The Food Standards Agency has published its ‘Consumer perceptions of genome edited food’ report, as part of wider efforts to increase their evidence base in the field of genetic technologies.

As part of this project, the FSA collected feedback from members of the UK public on their perceptions of genome edited (GE) food and its potential future labelling. Their results highlighted the fact that there was such low participant awareness of GE, and also that participants were not aware of the difference between genome edited foods and genetically modified (GM) foods. However, all participants agreed that if GE foods reach the UK market, there must be regulation and transparent labelling of these foods. 

Read the report here. 

Following this, the FSA has published a report which assesses different international regulatory approaches to GM and novel foods.

For more information on GE, including an ‘FSA Explains’ video, visit their dedicated GE webpage.

The full consumer research project is available on the FSA research pages.