How did IFST bring together our vision for a UK-wide National Food Strategy?

Two days before Henry Dimbleby’s National Food Strategy was published, we published our own open vision for a UK-wide Food Strategy, an open letter to the Government and all stakeholders involved in the food sector and who determine what food gets to our plates.

We have considering our position since Part 1 of the National Food Strategy was published, to ensure that we provide timely guidance and support to our members and wider stakeholders to enable them to respond to part two of the  National Food Strategy and the anticipated Defra White Paper.

IFST commissioned an ad hoc working group of members to craft a vision for an inclusive UK-wide Food Strategy, and the final proposed position was reviewed by members of both the Scientific Committee and External Affairs Advisory Committee.

We would like to particularly acknowledge Valia Christidou and Susan Arkley for their time and support in drafting the position and John Points, Barbara Bray, Helen Munday, Helen Taylor, Chris Gilbert-Wood, and Julian Cooper for the inputs and guidance in shaping the content.

Our vision highlights key imperatives and reiterates our commitment to support Government, industry, academia, citizens and IFST members in achieving this vision.

We believe that food should be a priority at the highest level of Government in the UK. Coordinated and joined-up thinking is needed with clear, capable and strategic governance, integrated across all Government departments and agencies, and stakeholders to benefit all actors in the UK food sector.

We sent a copy to all IFST members as well as circulating this position to a range of external stakeholders across the UK food system to promote our IFST call-to-action, particularly those involved in research, education, policy development or the governance of food and diet in the UK.

Not only were we preparing our IFST response to the National Food Strategy and our Open Letter, our Scientific Policy Director, Rachel Ward, was also on the National Food Strategy independent oversight group who helped oversee public dialogues with citizens to inform the report.

IFST welcome’s our members feedback on this document and would be happy to engage on the recommendations presented with all stakeholders.

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