May 2020 Issue of IJFST Published Online

The May 2020 Special Issue: Soft Foods: Structure, Rheology, Texture, and Function of the International Journal of Food Science & Technology (IJFST) has been published online and is freely available to IFST members.

Research from this issue includes:

  • 'From molecular to colloidal, and then to macroscopic aspects of soft foods'
  • 'Shear and extensional rheology of selected polysaccharides'
  • 'Co‐encapsulation of resveratrol and epigallocatechin gallate in low methoxyl pectin‐coated liposomes with great stability in orange juice'
  • 'Influence of carrot fibre powder addition on rheological, microstructure and sensory characteristics of stirred‐type yoghurt'

...and much more!

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