STEM Virtual Careers Fair - Life after school: Get ready! 4-8 July

For IFST Members.

Did you know where your career would take you when you left school? Many of us could not expect to be in the Food Industry or didn’t know how to get to it! We can make a difference for those leaving school today…

We are looking for volunteers to help guide students in their career path choice by promoting the wonderful benefits that the Food and Beverage Industry has to offer. This national virtual careers fair is aimed at 14-19 year-olds to show what opportunities are open to young people after they leave school or college; skills that they need to develop and how to demonstrate these within applications, CVs, and interviews. IFST is hoping to help the younger generation find their way to the Food and Beverage Industry through Science and Technology and for that we need YOU, our industry professionals to support them in their decision-making process.

If you wondered what it would be like to be an IFST STEM Ambassador this is a great opportunity to get that ball rolling and sign up to the STEM Ambassador platform through this link here. The process, we can confirm, is fast and easy and will provide you with the opportunity to share your knowledge and interests at many different levels.

If you are interested in learning more about this or becoming a STEM Ambassador, please contact Patricia Florit our Education Coordinator (