Updated IFST Information Statement on Stevia

We have updated our Information Statement on Stevia.

Leaves of the stevia plant (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni) are the source of steviol glycosides, a group of high-potency, zero-calorie sweeteners. Permitted as sweeteners in the EU since December 2011, steviol glycosides offer an opportunity to reduce the added sugar in a range of foods and beverages without loss of sweetness or reliance on synthetic sweeteners. Although steviol glycosides may not be called “natural” in the EU, food labels often draw attention to glycosides’ origin in the leaf.

This Information Statement covers EU regulatory changes to mid-2018 and includes information on newer, minor glycosides such as reb D and reb M, and additional production techniques involving fermentation and biotransformation.

IFST’s Information Statements summarise the authoritative and impartial science behind key food science issues. They are peer-reviewed by IFST’s Scientific Committee.