Views wanted on the traditional use and safety of Theobroma cacao fruit pulp as a novel food

The Advisory Committee on Novel Food and Processes (ACNFP) has reviewed two notifications under the Novel Food Regulation from companies seeking authorisation of Cocoa pulp in the EU. The Committee has completed a safety assessment of these products and is now asking for public comments on its draft opinions.

The product is intended to be used:

  • In a range of food categories, including frozen fruit, jam and marmalades and fruit juice in notification number NF2019/866
  • As a fruit juice only in notification number NF2019/1014

These notifications are seeking authorisation under the traditional food process of the Novel Food Regulation. It relates to a food traditionally consumed in countries outside of the EU but not previously consumed in Europe.

The closing date for submission of comments is 8 August 2019.