Terms of Payment

  1. Annual Memberships and Registration fees are non-refundable. 
  2. Annual subscriptions run on an on-going 12-month basis: 
    1. A non-member applying for a Professional Level and / or one of our Specialist registers is required to pay the full subscription rate for that category.
    2. The subscription payment is non-refundable if an application is unsuccessful. Associate member benefits will apply if an application is unsuccessful. 
    3. A member who applies to upgrade to another category of membership will not be required to pay the higher subscription rate appropriate for that category until their next renewal date. Please note that this does not apply when making an application to upgrade a Registration.
  3. However, if a decision to cancel a new membership and / or registration is made within 30 days of the payment being processed, and the application has not been passed on to our Membership Assessment Panel (MAP), a refund can be provided less a 10% administration charge. We aim to refund this amount (which will be confirmed in writing) by credit card or bank transfer and therefore you may need to provide additional details on request. Refunds may take up to a month to process from the date of written cancellation being received. 
  4. Please be advised that there is an admin fee of £16.00 for processing a paper-based application (i.e. for applications not submitted using our online application system). This is only applicable to memberships. Please contact joinus@ifst.org for more information.

Student Memberships

  1. Applications from individuals studying a food related/food science related course at an institute of higher education will be accepted as a Student Member and eligible for the student membership rate.
  2. No member shall be permitted to remain as a student member for a period exceeding 4 years in aggregate.

Reduced Subscription Rates

As part of our commitment towards general advancement and application of food science and technology for the benefit, safety and health of the public, we offer Reduced Subscription Rates for:

  • Low income members
  • Retired members

For more information on these rates, please get in touch by emailing us on: mem@ifst.org