Chemistry of Cooking Roadshow - Harper Adams

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Come and meet the magician of taste who will tell you more about the science behind your cooking. Following the recent success of IFSTs 2013 'Chemistry of Cocktails' Roadshow with Steve Pearce, IFST is delighted to announce the 2014s 'Chemistry of Cooking' Roadshow with Dr David Baines at various locations throughout the UK.

Think of the food you have eaten over the past 24 hours and work out what percentage had been subjected to some form of heat treatment in a cooking process. A high proportion of the food we eat is processed by heat in some way before consumption to create the flavour volatiles that give rise to the tempting smell of cooked foods such as freshly baked bread, the lovely aroma of roasting meat and the taste components that give foods succulence and deliciousness as we eat. These molecules are created as we cook, many through the interaction of sugars and amino acids, and very few are naturally occurring.

Dr David Baines will undertake simulated food reactions during the lecture.  Taste the results of one of the reactions, experience some of the flavour volatiles and taste components at first hand and learn about the important role of umami and glutamate in the diet. Experience kokumi and hear about some of the newly discovered compounds that have attracted human beings to processed foods for tens of thousands of years. 





Chemistry of Cooking,  David Baines,Baines Food Consultancy


21.00 End

COST: £5 per person (includes refreshments)

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About the speaker:
David Baines is a leading expert in food flavourings with specific expertise in cooked flavours derived from the Maillard reaction and dairy flavourings generated by the use of enzymes. He spent 25 years working in the food industry latterly as Technical Director of Lucas Ingredients before establishing Baines Food Consultancy. He has worked across five continents with flavour companies developing savoury and dairy flavours and with food companies to generate more flavour impact in cooked products.

November 18th, 2014 from  6:00 PM to  9:00 PM
Regional Food Academy
Harper Adams University College
Edgmond, Shropshire TF10 8NB
United Kingdom
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Chemistry of Cooking £5.00