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MyCPD is IFST’s tailored online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) management system, specially designed to record and manage your CPD records.

Maintaining your CPD online means that you can access your records at any time, whether at work, at home or even when working remotely. MyCPD ensures you keep up-to-date with your record keeping, alerting you when you need to update your records following a learning activity. Maintaining your records online also saves you having to keep lots of paper records of your learning activities - you can upload and store all of your course certificates and even your notes and links to online resources – keeping everything stored in one place.

MyCPD is especially useful for food professionals needing to maintain their CPD as a requirement for their ongoing professional registration. These include those on the following registers:

Of course, we would also encourage all food professionals to maintain a record of the CPD activities to keep their levels of professional competence current – whether through paper records or through MyCPD. Using MyCPD just makes the process that much easier.

Accessing MyCPD

Please note that to gain access to MyCPD you will need to have initially registered for this service. If you have not previously registered, please request access by emailing

If you have previously registered, you can enter the MyCPD site.

Guidance on maintaining CPD

For more about the background to CPD Continuing Professional Development, IFST’s guidance on standards and how to make the most from your CPD click here.

MyCPD for employers

If you are an employer and want to encourage your employees to maintain up-to-date CPD records we can set up a ‘group’ facility whereby all your employee CPD records are kept within a single scheme. This will provide your employees with their own individual access but also direct online access for you, as the employer, to view your employees’ CPD records. For more details about this option contact

MyCPD fees

MyCPD is currently provided free for all IFST members who are also on one of the professional registers listed above.