Food Microbiology – The Essentials

Organised by SALSA

This full-day, interactive, online course has been developed especially for the smaller food producer. Delegates will learn about the different types of micro-organisms, their effect on food safety, and how they are controlled. The day concludes by learning how to design a testing schedule and understanding test results.  

Module 1  Major Groups of Micro-organisms - Introduction to bacteria, viruses, yeast, moulds and Protozoa.  
Module 2  Growth and Survival - How bacteria grow, what influences their growth and survival in food.
Module 3  Pathogens - What are pathogens and how do they cause illness? Prevention and control. 
Module 4  Designing a Testing Schedule - Why what and how to test?
Module 5  What do my test results mean?

Assessment by a multiple-choice test

Your course leader - Marissa Schwoch 

"A Food Microbiologist and Auditor with over 20 years of experience working in the food industry, Marissa provides food safety, microbiology and technical consultancy to food businesses large and small. Marissa has a wealth of experience investigating complex microbiological issues, working with testing laboratories and designing testing plans."