IFST Workshop: Bringing Agility to Sensory and Consumer Research

Organised by IFST Sensory Science Group, in collaboration with IFST Food Innovation SIG

IFST members-only event

Most people would agree that 2020 forced them to rethink ways of working and embrace alternative solutions. In this workshop, we will explore how sensory and consumer research has been successfully adapted, in response to Covid-19 or otherwise, to deliver sharper insights in a faster, more agile and smarter way.

Using case studies where appropriate, we will look across the board from knowledge management and the use of new technologies through to modified approaches to data collection and reporting.

This interactive workshop will be led by innovative researchers from agencies and manufacturing, but we want to hear from you too.  Please come ready to share your opinions, insights and experiences, so that together we can learn how to improve our science, to make it even more relevant in today’s world.

What participants will learn about: New and smarter ways of delivering insight from Sensory and Consumer Science. 

Target audience: Sensory scientists, consumer researchers, product developers, consumer insight professionals, qualitative researchers

Chair Moderator  Moderator Moderator Moderator
Stephanie Mitchell Sarah Billson  Tracey Sanderson  Oliver Thompson Steve Timms 
CSci, RSensSci CSci, RSensSci CSci, RSensSci    
Senior Sensory Manager Sensory Scientist Managing Director  Director Commercial Development Manager
PPL Insights Mars Wrigley Sensory Dimensions Tang Tiger  Brenntag Food & Nutrition