STFC Instrumentation for Sustainable Food Systems

Organised by STFC Food Network+ (SFN)

Find out how the UK’s expertise in STFC instrumentation has been used to make our food system more sustainable and discuss with our panel

This AgriFood Innovations webinar is organised by the STFC Food Network+ (SFN) as part of the SFN Festival for COP26.

The Science Technology Facilities Council (STFC) supports the development of instrumentation that continuously pushes the boundary of sensing capability within astronomy, particle physics, and nuclear research. As these fields strive for improvement in measurement precision the result is that many spin-off technologies are produced with applications in a range of other commercial sectors.

Within the food industry some of these technologies mean that intensive analysis techniques that were once limited to lab based studies can now be efficiently used in the field and are viable solutions for challenges faced by small holder farms.

With any new technology, there is a long way to go between demonstrating the initial feasibility and seeing widespread adoption within an industry. The time required for significant impact can be reduced by maintaining a strong link between technological innovators and end users from the very beginning. The SFN+ facilitates this by supporting scoping projects that bring these two groups together so they can achieve a more sustainable, equitable, and safer global food system.

To date the SFN+ has funded 19 instrumentation scoping projects applying radical new sensing technology and techniques to food industry challenges. This webinar discussion features talks from three experts who have applied their knowledge on scoping projects funded by the STFC Food Network+.

The SFN AgriFood Innovations Series highlights the transformational potential of science and technology to achieve a more sustainable, equitable, and safer global food system.