Innovations for carbon neutral food systems: what opportunities lie ahead?

Organised by STFC Food Network+

An interdisciplinary panel of experts debate how innovation in technology, business, and policy can help to create a Net Zero food system

COP26 provides an opportunity to focus our collective attention on how our food systems contribute to climate change and what can be done to address its impact on our planet. In this panel discussion, we invite five experts from across the STFC Food Network+ to discuss what interventions and innovations are needed to create a carbon neutral food system. The debate will consider innovations in business models, shaping consumer behaviours, the development of new technologies, making effective food policy interventions, and the governance of supply chains.

The panel of experts comprises:

Sonal Choudhary (University of York) Prof Sonal Choudhary is the Chair and Professor of Sustainable Management at the University of York and PI of the STFC Food Network+. 

Bob Doherty (University of York) Bob Doherty is Professor of Marketing and Chair of Agrifood at the University of York and leads a 4-year interdisciplinary research programme on food resilience titled ‘IKnowFood’ (Global Food Security fund). 

Geraint ‘Taff’ Morgan (Open University) Taff ​is highly active in analytical chemistry and the space technology translation agenda at The Open University. The first half of his career was spent developing instruments for the Rosetta and Beagle2 space missions. 

Erica Pufall (Food Standards Agency) Dr. Erica Pufall is the Strategic Research Team Leader at the Food Standards Agency (FSA), where her team is responsible for coordinating the science and research for the FSA’s Areas of Research Interest.

Christian Reynolds (City University London). Dr Christian Reynolds is Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Food Policy, City University, London; and is the Senior Tutor for Research at the Centre for Food Policy. Christian is recognised as a global expert on food loss and waste and sustainable diets. 

Chris Cormack (Quant Foundry) Dr Chris Cormack is a former particle physicist, lecturer in physics and banking professional. He has been active in the area of economic impact of climate change since 2019 and has built and published models to help financial institutions price the complex risks associated with climate change.