AFTP Course - Poultry Health (Residential)

Organised by AFTP

The Poultry Health course covers the nature, diagnosis and control of infectious diseases of poultry. It is designed for veterinary surgeons, technical staff and managers from the poultry industry. The course is also suitable for non-specialist graduates who wish to gain a thorough knowledge of the poultry sector while working towards the postgraduate awards in Agrifood. The course will reflect developments in poultry health and the changing areas of veterinary and technical expertise within it.

This course is a continuation of the Pirbright Institute’s renowned Poultry Health Course which ran for many years at Compton, and is now run jointly by University of Nottingham and Pirbright via the AFTP.

Full details are available on the dedicated Poultry Health Course microsite -

By the end of this course you will be able to:

- Evaluate the health risks and impact of outbreaks of zoonotic and foodborne diseases in live birds and poultry products.
- Appraise the main methods currently used to contain and/or control major and emerging poultry diseases and implications, with reference to vaccination, chemotherapy and biosecurity.
- Assess the impact of molecular and cellular biology on veterinary health diagnostics in the poultry sector.