AFTP Course - Genetics & Genomics in Agriculture

Organised by AFTP

The Genetics & Genomics in Agriculture course is designed to give those with little understanding of genetics a practical knowledge of the principles and technologies that underpin breeding programmes. It will focus on the challenges facing land-based production in the 21st century and on the role of emerging technologies such as Genetics & Genomics in meeting these challenges sustainably.

After initially detailing the broad objectives and methods involved in breeding programmes it will allow you to follow a specific crop or animal breeding pathway. It will give you an understanding of the methodologies applied in molecular and population genetics as well as in related disciplines such as proteomics and metabolomics, allowing you to conceptualise and apply these concepts to further agricultural production.

The Genetics & Genomics in Agriculture course is an optional module in the MSc Sustainable and Efficient Food Production  and in the MSc in Food Security in a Changing Environment.

The course is delivered by Aberystwyth University, entirely online through distance learning.

On successful completion of the Genetics & Genomics in Agriculture course participants should be able to:

- Evaluate the relative limitations and merits of different technologies for crop and animal improvement.
- Demonstrate a detailed understanding of genetic inheritance of traits and the methods utilised for reporting genetic merit.
- Discuss in detail the relative importance of genotype and environment in the inheritance of metric traits.
- Evaluate scientific, practical and ethical issues in the application of genetics to animal and plant improvement.