BRC Briefing seminar

Organised by Campden BRI 

Issue eight of BRC Global Standard For Food Safety was released in 2018 and companies will be audited against the new standard from February 2019. BRC Global Standard For Food Safety Issue 8 is the world’s largest food safety standard, with over 25,000 certificates issued annually.

This seminar provides a timely opportunity to hear about the many changes to the standard and what manufacturers seeking certification in the later part of 2019 will have to do to comply. In addition, for this session, the outcomes of the initial audits against the new requirements will be shared for the first time. This will highlight trends and patterns of non-conformances against issue 8.

Some of the key changes include:

- Compulsory food safety culture
- Whistle blowing mechanisms
- FSMA compliance requirements
- Protection of digital documents
- Internal audits
- Supplier approval / monitoring split
- Traceability procedure
- Food defence
- Environmental monitoring
- Fully validated cooking instructions
- Creation of a “new” section 8
- Section 9 – traded goods

Key benefits of attending
Attendees will be given an overview of changes and protocol by BRC technical director, David Brackston as well as learning about environmental monitoring and food defense from Campden BRI food safety management system expert Richard Leathers. Bertrand Emond, Campden BRI, will talk about food safety culture and there will be a Q&A session.

Who should attend?
This seminar is suitable for technical managers, those who work on supplier quality assurance schemes and auditors within the food industry.