AFTP Course - Water and Agriculture

Organised by AFTP

Water shortage and water quality issues are increasingly affecting agricultural production worldwide, and problems will increase with climate change and increasing populations. This course takes a global perspective, and aims to equip participants with the ability to fully understand the role of water in agricultural production, and to critically assess existing and future pressures and solutions.

By the end of this course you will be able to:
- Demonstrate a detailed understanding of the role of water in crop growth and yield, and of the dynamic relationships between soils, water and plants.
- Demonstrate a detailed understanding of the effects of water and salinity stress on plants and on agricultural production.
- Critically evaluate the ways in which water-related stresses on agriculture can be alleviated.
- Critically evaluate the suitability of different methods of irrigation for a particular environment.
- Critically evaluate the effects of policy on the sustainability of agriculture in dry areas.