Food and Nutrition: The Truth Behind Food Headlines

Organised by EIT Food

Learn how to find reliable, scientific information about food and nutrition and identify the truth behind food headlines. 

Lead Academics:
Dr Jing Guo, Dr Miriam Clegg (University of Reading)
Dr Jutta Roosen (Technical University of Munich)
Dr Joanna Kaniewska (European Food Information Council)

Programme Description:
Why does the advice keep changing? Which media headlines do you believe? This is a FREE, three-week online programme.

Due to conflicting messages from the media, it is becoming harder to know what to believe when it comes to following a healthy diet and lifestyle. During this course, you will be encouraged to think critically about the information behind media headlines and come to your own conclusions about what is good for you, you will explore the psychology of why we are easily influenced by headlines, and you will also learn how to find reliable information online and identify unreliable health studies.