Student Resources Competition

If you are a creative student looking to help teach and promote food science to the younger generation or considering a career teaching science, we encourage you to participate in our Student Resources Competition. We would like you to design an interesting experiment or demonstration that would interest secondary school students (ages 11-16) while they are stuck at home.  

Our inaugural Student Resources Competition gives you the opportunity to inspire and teach the next generation of food scientists by producing a video/worksheet/experiment card/poster explaining a demonstration or running through an experiment that covers a specific area of food science. This is an opportunity to be creative and to also impart some of your food science knowledge onto the younger generation.

The Prize:

The prize-winning entries will be featured on the Love Food Love Science website, making it available to teachers and parents as a teaching tool, as well as a reward of:

1st: £150, a year’s free student membership to IFST and the title as IFST’s Recipient of the STEM Engagement Award for 2020.

2nd: £100 and a year’s free student membership

3rd: £50 and a year’s free student membership

The entry should be:

  • No longer than 5 minutes in length if a video
  • Engaging for the target age group
  • Scientifically accurate and informative
  • Challenging for the age group
  • Should relate to an area of the science/food preparation curriculum of any of the nations of the UK. Some example general topics include: Sensory science, Food Safety & Labelling, Proteins, functional and nutritional properties of food etc.
  • Use limited resources – needs to easy to run and replicate for students at home.
  • Able to be submitted in a digital format eg  MP4, PDF, Word


  1. Open to all undergraduate and postgraduate levels and apprentices’ level 4-6
  2. You must be currently enrolled in a course or working inline of the following: food science, food technology and human nutrition, nutrition; as well as other areas (including sensory science, food safety management, food consumer behaviour, food engineering).
  3. The competition is open to all IFST Student members and non-members
  4. Submissions must be new original work that has not previously won prizes in other competitions, published and or entered in other competitions. (this includes articles published in any online sources, websites, blogs, publications and thesis)
  5. Entries that have won prizes in other competitions are not eligible.
  6. Entry must be all your own work
  7. Only one entry per student
  8. Entries should be submitted to Rob Jones ( with “Student Resources Competition [your name]” in the subject field. All entries must be received by 17:00 on 10 August 2020