Food Standards Scotland launches a healthy eating campaign

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) is urging people in Scotland to be aware of the extra calories that can accumulate by consistently saying ‘yes’ to upsized offers on food and drinks.

According to FSS, saying ‘yes’ to upsizing a cheeseburger meal, with fries and a sugary fizzy drink, adding a side of onion rings and saying ‘yes’ to making your coffee large with an extra brownie, could add an additional 1500 calories each week.

Heather Peace, Head of Public Health Nutrition at Food Standards Scotland, said:

“Overweight and obesity is a major health issue for Scotland and it’s something that should concern us all. It surprising how easy it is to put on extra weight without us realising.By being more conscious of the times we are being upsold to, we will feel more comfortable to say ‘no’ more often, as it’s an easy way to avoid extra calorie intake.

“These offers are common in restaurants, cafes and cinemas, and we understand that they’re often seen as good value for money. But by frequently saying ‘yes’ to upsizing, there could be a long-term cost to your health..”