Impact Award 2020 - We have a tie!

Due to the difficulties imposed through the current COVID-19 crisis, member's day had to be postponed. A key part of Members' Day was going to be the announcement of the winner of the 2020 Impact Award. Thanks to all those who submitted an entry; the quality was very high and made judging difficult but gratifying. The diverse range of activities that are being undertaken by IFST members and volunteers is to be applauded. Thanks also to the VAG members for taking time to judge the entries; an experience we found very enjoyable.

And now to the winner, or in 2020, the winners: IFST Northern Ireland Branch and Eastern Branch - two worthy winners!

Northern Ireland Branch:

A sub-committee of the Northern Ireland Branch formed the local organising committee to oversee the delivery of the 20th International Conference on Campylobacter, Helicobacter & Related Organisms (CHRO), held in Belfast on 8-11 September 2019. A very successful event with really positive feedback from delegates.

Key facts and figures:

  • 322 delegates from 35 countries
  • 14 exhibitors providing sponsorship. Included sponsorship from industry, national government and EU.
  • 284 abstracts submitted, 16 parallel sessions, 4 workshops and poster presentations.
  • Keynote presentation by Nobel Laureate Robin Warren.
Eastern Branch:

On 31 October 2019 Eastern Branch ran its first Conference on Hygienic Design of Food Processing. The event was jointly organised and supported by IFST; the European Hygienic Engineering Design Group (EHEDG); and the National Centre for Food Manufacturing, University of Lincoln, who also hosted.

The Conference attracted 53 attendees, including students (free registration), food manufacturers, food retailers, auditors, and suppliers of product and services to the food industry. Event feedback was excellent.