Registered Science Technician

Apply for Registered Science Technician 

Registered Science Technician (RSciTech) provides recognition of the important roles that technicians play within all aspects of the food sector. Whilst they may not have the term ‘technician’ within their job title, there are many people across the whole of the food sector employed in such roles within areas such as food safety, food analysis, product quality and food processing operations.

What is Registered Science technician?

The award of RSciTech is based on a combination of knowledge, competence and commitment to high standards of professionalism. Whilst an academic qualification demonstrates a particular achievement, professional registration captures your career development and on the job learning alongside any formal qualifications.  You will need to commit to maintaining your skills and competence by a commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

RSciTech is awarded by IFST under license from the Science Council.

Why become a Registered Science Technician?

  • Entitles you to use designatory letters RSciTech
  • Springboard to future recognition as a Registered Scientist or Chartered Scientist.
  • Free access to myCPD online system to start professional development
  • Achieving a new professional award to recognise people working in hands on technical roles
  • Helps you to stay focused and forward thinking

RSciTech not only provides recognition in its own right but can also be used as a springboard to future recognition as a Registered Scientist or Chartered Scientist.

How to apply

Applications for RSciTech will need to be made through the Science Council: RSciTech Applications

You will need to demonstrate competence across five areas:

  • Application of knowledge and understanding
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Professional practice
  • Professional standards

You will need to demonstrate how you have met each of these standard by providing examples from your working life. Your application will be assessed either online or in a face to face interview, by IFST assessors. Find out more about RSciTech standards.

Ongoing registration

You will also need to demonstrate your personal commitment to high professional standards by continually and actively maintaining and enhancing your knowledge and skills throughout your career. You will be required to renew your registration annually by demonstrating that you are still professionally active and that you have engaged in CPD.  Annual re-registration costs £23, in addition to IFST membership fees.

Please see Science Council standards for this register. It is expected that you maintain continuous, up-to date and accurate records which demonstrate mixture of the different learning activities. It is also requested that you demonstrate how learning has improved quality of your work and benefited user of your work which is called reflective evaluation.