IFST Western Branch

The Western Branch organises a number of technical visits and holds meetings/joint meetings that allow topical discussion throughout the year.

Meet the Western Branch Committee

Chair: Louise Roberts

Past chair: David Baines

Secretary: Ian Jaques 

Other membersSimon Dawson, Martyn Allcorn, Claire Talbot, Peter Sampson, David Brown, Mary-Jane Hawkes.

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Reports from past events


20 October IFST Lecture reception hosted by Western Branch - Cardiff Metropolitan University




 3 December IFST Western Branch Lecture - Should You Trust Your Christmas Dinner? Food Fraud Risks in Context
27 October IFST Virtual Networking Event: Effects of Covid19 in the Food Industry



09 December A Vegan Christmas - Meat: The Ghost of Christmas Past
13 June Young Scientist Competition


3 December  IFST Western Branch Christmas Lecture - “To Hell & Back - The Story of Heavenly”


Western Branch Conferences

The Western Branch hosts an annual conference in their region. This one-day event provides current and future food industry professionals with up to date information relating to the management of food safety through the use of good hygienic design in the production environment. It answers some of the questions:

  • What is hygienic design and why is it important?
  • Who are EHEDG and what can they do for me?
  • How can I design my food factory for hygiene - the building, the layout, the processing equipment, the cleaning systems etc.
  • Hygienic design and Global food safety standards
  • What Guidance and training is available
  • EHEDG certification scheme

During the Conference you can meet Committee Members of the UK & Ireland regional section of the European Hygienic Engineering Design Group and IFST and find out what they can do for you.

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Students and competitions

IFST offers national and regional opportunities for students with deadlines staggered throughout the year. 

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Get involved

If you would like more information about how to get involved, please contact us - we meet up to 9 times a year, alternating between Cardiff and just outside Bristol and are looking for new members in the region within academia and industry - so please do come and take part!

IFST Impact Award

We value the important contribution that volunteers bring to the work and life of the Institute. Without the contribution of the volunteers who serve on committees, branches and special interest groups, we would find it difficult to achieve the strategic priorities set out by the Board of Trustees. The Impact Award is an opportunity for volunteers to showcase an innovative activity that has been undertaken that meets the following criteria.

  1. Is new and has been undertaken in the last 12 months which delivers measurable impact to any/any/all IFSTs strategic priorities, or
  2. Is an existing activity that has undergone an adaptation or change in order to deliver an enhanced impact linked to any/all of IFSTs strategic priorities, and which 
  3. Is scalable and sustainable. 

Previous winners:

2021 IFST South Eastern Branch and President’s Special Award to COVID-19 Advisory Group

2020 IFST Northern Ireland Branch and Eastern Branch 

2019 IFST Student Group

2018 IFST Student Group

2017 IFST Sensory Science Group

Find out more about the previous winners, entry criteria and submissions here.

IFST Community

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