IFST Midlands Branch

The Midlands Branch organises a number of technical visits and holds meetings/joint meetings that allow topical discussion throughout the year. 

Meet the Midlands Branch Committee

Chair: Andy Kerridge

Secretary: Susan Arkley

Other members: Mandy Lloyd, Daniel Amund, Molly Carpenter, Vicky Collett, Ruth Dolby, Matt Hill, Rachel Hilton, Tracey Hollowood, Alice Jones, Shajo Jose,  Chisala Ng'andwe, Kasia Niedzwiedzka, Qudsiyah Raza, Lauren Rogers, Andy Seager, Kaushik Venkatakrishnan, Rachel Ward, Matt Swain

Upcoming events


19 May  Does ‘waste not’ lead to ‘want not’? Birmingham



Students and competitions

IFST offers national and regional opportunities for students with deadlines staggered throughout the year. 

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Members of the Midlands Branch can use the Branch Forum to communicate with each other. Please note that you need to be logged in to the website to access it.

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Get involved

If you would like more information about how to get involved with the Branch, please contact us. 


IFST Impact Award

We value the important contribution that volunteers bring to the work and life of the Institute. Without the contribution of the volunteers who serve on committees, branches and special interest groups, we would find it difficult to achieve the strategic priorities set out by the Board of Trustees. The Impact Award is an opportunity for volunteers to showcase an innovative activity which has been undertaken which meets the following criteria.

  1. Is new and has been undertaken in the last 12 months which delivers measurable impact to any/any/all IFSTs strategic priorities, or
  2. Is an existing activity which has undergone an adaptation or change in order to deliver an enhanced impact linked to any/all of IFSTs strategic priorities, and which 
  3. Is scalable and sustainable. 

Previous winners:

2020 IFST Northern Ireland Branch and Eastern Branch 

2019 IFST Student Group

2018 IFST Student Group

2017 IFST Sensory Science Group

Find out more about the previous winners, entry criteria and submissions here.