Accreditation Schemes

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As an independent organisation, we are in the prime position to offer external accreditation of schemes and courses.

Accreditation of degree courses

In February 2015, IFST launched a scheme to accredit Batchelor and Masters degree courses in food science and technology and closely related subjects.

Sensory Training Accreditation

The Sensory Training Accreditation scheme is currently available for foundation and intermediate level courses, with the ultimate goal of implementing the scheme to advanced level. Basic guidelines are also available for Acceptance Testing and Quality Assurance training.

Accreditation for Training Providers

IFST is developing proposals to set up a scheme to accredit providers of training in food science and related areas. This accreditation scheme will primarily be aimed at larger training providers, larger food companies running their own training courses in house and universities and HE/FE colleges operating external training courses.