So many worlds, so much to do: what data science can do for you

Organised by STFC Food Network +

Speaker: Dr Jens Jensen 
(Data Scientist at STFC's Scientific Computing Department and STFC Food Network+ Champion for Data Science)

Summary: In a nutshell, data science helps researchers manage data properly, to ensure the data is captured, stored, processed, annotated, made usable, and preserved, in order to support the research goals of the activity in question.

Data science is used in almost any kind of research - whether the research is based on simulation, experiment or observations. This talk is a personal view from the perspective of a data scientist working with food scientists, but also covers what the speaker has learnt from working with food scientists.

The presentation will give an overview of data science, what it is and what it is good for, and how it improves past data practices to increase the impact of the research. We shall look at the tools used in data science - data management, cloud computing, machine learning, visualisation, etc., with the broad overview assisted by more an in-depth look at how some of the challenges (such as "big data") are solved. In particular, the speaker aims to give the audience pointers to how they can find out more in order to address their own data challenges.