Government Chemist conference 2021: Safe food for tomorrow's world

Organised by Government Chemist

This conference was originally scheduled to take place in June 2020 and was postponed to June 2021 as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic. In view of the ongoing restrictions for public events, we have decided to proceed with this conference as an online event.

The conference will be opened by Gideon Henderson, Chief Scientific Adviser, Defra after a brief introduction by Dr Julian Braybrook, Government Chemist.

Scientists, regulators, enforcement agencies, industry and policy makers are invited to join the Government Chemist on a virtual platform to discuss future challenges in the manufacturing, packaging, retailing and testing of food that is safe and consumers can trust.

The conference programme will include national and international perspectives on assuring food safety and integrity, advances and challenges in allergen testing, the use of science for improved consumer protection and much more.

The programme is being finalised and will be updated as the speakers and titles are confirmed. You can reserve your place at the event now, and you can sign up for alerts to keep up-to-date with changes in the programme.

Conference programme

23 June, Session 1: Perspectives from the UK’s Official Control System
•Welcome address by the Government Chemist, Julian Braybrook
•Keynote lecture - Gideon Henderson, CSA, Defra
•Overniew of recent referee cases- Paul Hancock, LGC
•Opportunities and challenges facing the Public Analyst Service - Jane White, Association of Public Analysts
•Actions and impact of the Food Crime Unit - Darren Davies, Food Crime Unit

23 June, Session 2: Regulation for a global market
•The role of data science in achieving the objectives of the FSA - Julie Pierce, FSA
•TBC - Geoff Ogle, FSS
•US Perspectives on Harnessing Measurement Science to Advance Food Safety - Katrice Lippa, NIST
•TBC - Hong Kong Government Chemist
•The importance of company culture in assuring food safety and integrity- Fiona Humphries, BRCGS
•Achieving business compliance in an international market - Ingrid Fiordaliso, McCormick

24 June, Session 3: Science for improved health outcomes
•TBC - Title and speaker to be confirmed
•Current perspectives on food toxicology- Stella Cochrane, Unilever
•Challenges in measuring clinical proteins and allergens - Milena Quaglia, LGC
•CBD and controlled cannabinoids in consumer products - Selvarani Elahi and Christopher Hopley, LGC
•Microbiome for protected status - TBC, Fera

24 June, Session 4: Novel solutions for food authenticity and sustainability
•TBC - Title and speaker to be confirmed
•Effective solutions for GMO analysis - Malcolm Burns, LGC
•Desirability and plausibility of meat alternatives - Barbara van Mierlo, Wageningen UR
•TBC - Title and speaker to be confirmed

The conference will also include opportunities for discussion and networking.