Powder Handling & Granular Flow Seminar

Organised by Institution of Agricultural Engineers  

IAgrE's Food Engineering Group host a seminar to explore the challenges and diverse approaches to Powder Handling & Granular Flow 

Event Programme

11am—11.30am: Rajeev Dattani (Freeman Technology - a Micromeritics company) Measuring and Understanding Powder Flow and Powder Behaviour

11.30am-12pm: Vivek Garg (The Wolfson Centre, University of Greenwich) A novel approach to measure adhesion between particles and  to predict the powder flowability

12pm-12.30pm: Frank Schulnies (HS Anhalt) Caking of dairy powders 

12.30pm-1pm: Sebastian Steinkamp and Rhys Morris (Gebr. Lödige Maschinenbau GmbH/ alliedpharma) Powder blending in the food industry: challenges and cleaning 

1pm-1.30pm: Dan Baxter (Gericke Group) Foreign body avoidance in powder conveying and particulates feeding

1.30pm-2pm: Richard Farnish (The Wolfson Centre, University of Greenwich) Plant operational instability induced by segregation of food bulk solids 

Moderation and Group Chair: Daniel Hefft, IAgrE Food Engineering Group Lead