Identifying the risks, avoiding the crisis in the food and drink industry

Organised by FDF

Before March 2020, a global pandemic would not have been top of many risk managers’ lists. Covid-19 has shown that food and drink businesses need a good risk management strategy to avoid being plunged into a crisis when the worst happens.

Our virtual event looks at preparing your overall risk management strategy and then puts under the microscope some of the individual elements that are likely to feature on your risk register.  

Topics covered: 
•    Effective preparation – analysing and mitigating your risks 
•    Guarding against cyber attacks 
•    Safeguarding your brand reputation 
•    Analytical Technologies That Aid Risk Identification and Avoid Crises
•    Putting preparation into action – Princes case study

Chaired by Nicki Hunt, Director of Membership and Commercial Engagement, FDF. 

Our special guests are: 

•    Vijay Rathour, Digital Forensics Lead, Grant Thornton
•    Julia Johnson – Head of Risk & Crisis Advisory, Instinctif Partners
•    David Tate, UK Retail Practice Leader/ Client Relationship Leader, Marsh
•    James Crask, Head of Resilience Advisory, Marsh
•    Dr Ignazio Garaguso, Senior Principal Regional Segment Leader, PerkinElmer
•    David McDiarmid, Corporate Relations Director Princes Limited

There will be an opportunity to ask questions during the panel discussions